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More about our upcoming album Obsidian

Tailsway is a duo that sounds more like a band. That is because the two of us like to sit in our home studio and work on our music a lot.

The band members are Pernilla Bergman and Johan Nordström. We met in 2010 through music. At the beginning our intentions with Tailsway was to play some gigs as a duo, with only fiddle, bouzouki and a stomp box. But as the years went on it evolved to something entirely different.

As we both are into sound engineering and music production we decided to record an album at home, consisting of ten of our own tunes. When we had recorded a foundation with bouzouki and fiddle we started adding ambient effects with the fiddle. Then came harmonies, then even crazier fiddle ideas and the whole project started moving forward. Like a rolling snowball the production just grew bigger and bigger.

The arrangements grew

We added drums, bass, percussion and keyboards and a lot more. As the project grew we decided that we didn’t want to rush it. We wanted to release an album that we were really happy with. As we do everything ourselves this project has taken quite some time. But now we are happy to say that we have the finish line in sight.

We are even happier to say that everything on this album (except for the drums on some of the tracks) is done by the two of us. Everything from playing the instruments, recording, mixing, mastering to doing the graphic design, launching our website and the marketing is done by us. Turns out it is really time consuming and exhausting, but well worth it in the end.

If you want a taste of what our debut album Obsidian is like you can listen to our two singles Autumn Winds / The Twister and Broken Rails.

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A short video presentation of our music

Our new single Broken Rails

Our latest single Broken Rails is now available to stream and buy. Read more here.

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Listen to Broken Rails

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