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“Obsidian” the debut release from the duo Tailsway is a beautiful collection of instrumentals and songs consisting of original compositions. Recorded and produced by Pernilla Bergman and Johan Nordström, the duo have created a gorgeous soundscape with fine playing and singing from both. Pernilla’s fiddle playing is warm, rich, playful and is a joy to listen to as are her earthy, stunning lead and harmony vocals on the songs. Johan adds multiple  instrumental layers with guitars, bouzoukis, keyboards, bass and percussion and provides an extremely powerful and classy rhythmic bed for the tunes and songs to rest on. The sound quality and production are top class. “Obsidian” is a must listen to and should be added to your music collection.
Winifred Horan ~ Fiddler, musician, performer & co-founder of Solas

“The tunes are full of beguiling Celtic melodic lines, along with the pulsating energy of Nordic traditions.”
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Ivan Emke, The Living Tradition

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