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Tailsway Obsidian album




Our debut album is out now. You can buy the CD and the digital download on Bandcamp or send us a message.

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    About us

    Tailsway is a contemporary folk music project by Pernilla Bergman and Johan Nordström. Our music is an eclectic blend of musical genres with a strong emphasis on our love for Celtic folk music.


    Pernilla’s roots are in the Finno-Swedish folk music of the South-Western archipelago of Finland. In her early twenties she discovered the Celtic music branch and fell completely in love with it. That is the style she has studied the most and it has had a big influence over her and Tailsway’s compositions. Pernilla is an all eater when it comes to music. That is also true for her husband Johan.


    Johan has been playing in bands since his early teens. He also has a broad taste in music, and that clearly shows in the tunes on Tailsway’s debut album Obsidian. As Johan is a sound engineer everything Tailsway do is recorded, produced, mixed and mastered in our home studio, by the two of us.


    Our new album Obsidian is a mix of our shared passion for folk music and other styles of music we love, such as blues, pop, rock, jazz and electronic music. All the tracks on the album are our original compositions. Some of them we have composed together without a particular style in mind. We think the end result of those tunes is quite fun and interesting.


    The album was released November 5. You can listen to it here. It is also available to buy as a CD and digital download on  Bandcamp. Your support would mean a lot to us.


    You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see what we are up to. And you can read more about the making of our album here.


    Hey! We are Tailsway and love to spice up our folk music with contemporary elements. Watch how we have transformed one of our original compositions that started out with just fiddle and bouzouki to something fun and different. This set of tunes is called Autumn Winds / The Twister and is going to be on our upcoming album Obsidian.

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    Tailsway’s debut album out now!

    We are happy to finally announce the release of our debut album Obsidian! It is streaming right now. You can also buy it as a CD and a digital release. Read for more info.

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