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About our first album

Recently we announced that we are recording our debut album. We tought we would tell you a little about it.

Actually we started composing tunes and recording them a few years ago, but health issues stopped us from completing it. Some of the tunes that are going to be on the album were composed by Pernilla about 10 years ago, and some of them we have composed together through the years.

We started out as a fiddle and bouzouki duo, playing mostly traditional Celtic folk music. Pretty quickly we found out how much we enjoyed composing music together and that we complete each other in many ways. Mostly Pernilla comes up with the melodies and Johan comes up with the chords. Sometimes it’s the other way around.

All the tunes on this album are composed by us and we play most of the instruments ourselves. We are recording it at home in our little home studio. In other words anywhere in the house. We have not limited ourselves to only fiddle and bouzouki. It doesn’t sound so much like a duo as it sounds like a whole band. Not what we had in mind from the beginning, but it’s way more fun this way!

The simplest way to define our music would probably be as contemporary folk music with strong Celtic influences. We have a broad taste in music and we integrate whatever inspires us into our own music. On our album “Obsidian” you can find just that.

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