Tailsway is a celtic folk duo that started to form in the summer of 2013, although the history goes way further back. Fiddle player Pernilla comes from a small town called Pargas in the south west of Finland. Her family has a long tradition of playing folk music. She started playing classic violin when she was six years old and played with a classic orchestra for a few years. Her passion for folk music grew stronger by every day and in the end she decided to devote herself entirely to folk music and the family fiddle group Bergmans spelmanslag.

Some ten years ago Pernilla somehow slipped in on the celtic branch of folk music and it quickly grew into a great passion. In 2008 she started a celtic folk group called Rissel together with two of her second cousins, Heidi and Jessica from Bergmans spelmanslag. By 2010 Rissel had already grown into a band of seven members, performing celtic folk rock in pubs and on festivals. The band adopted the name Rissel but decided to convert it to the rock band version of it, Rizzle.
One of the band members in Rizzle was Johan who Pernilla also developed a great passion for.

Johan grew up in the same small town. He was put into music school at a young age. He started out by playing the piano then switched to drums and percussion. In 1997, at the age of 13 Johan and two of his friends started a band called Pelamid. He enjoyed playing in a band so much that he decided to join a whole bunch of them and started playing the bass.

When Johan had finished elementary school he left his hometown to study audio engineering for a couple of years. He then returned and started his own recording studio in a renovated barn, in his parent’s back yard. In 2010 he joined Rizzle and the band’s debut album was recorded in the barn. Since Johan joined Rizzle he has fallen more and more in love with the celtic music and spirit. Apparently Johan didn't have enough instruments to play, so he decided to buy himself a bouzouki as well. The bouzouki is a greek instrument commonly used in celtic music since the 70's.

Together Johan and Pernilla started their own duo called Tailsway, to play and perform folk music in a more traditional way.

We are always looking for jam sessions and folk music events, especially celtic, so don’t hesitate to contact us!