This is what we like


This is what we like is our debut album. We chose the title for it simply because we like playing this kind of music. And we hope you like the music too!

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    Who we are

    This is the short version of our story. Pernilla wants to start a band where she can play the fiddle. Johan joins the band. Pernilla gets a weird disease and meets a lot of cool surgeons. She gets better and Johan decides to marry her. They start a duo together where Pernilla can do even more crazy fiddle playing. This is the beginning of Tailsway.

    Pernilla and Johan starts to play some gigs with their new duo, but soon find out that they enjoy making music in the studio even more. Then some more weird illness and then finally their debut album gets recorded. They deceide to simply name it “This is what we like”, because it is what they like.

    End of story…so far.

    This is what we like

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